I would point something out, though, even if you think that she meant white people: her title is saturated with condescension towards 'lefties,' in particular with her statement that 'maturity' means moving right.

This is typical internalized white superiority: she believes that the priority is always to understand white people--even when they are overtly racist. Why would anyone interested in equality ask for MORE coddling for the demographic already in receipt, in the collective, of hundreds of years of coddling at the expense of a wide range of POCs?

Even if I were white, I would find this title grating BECAUSE it comes on top of an essay that asks others to make the effort to do what she proves, in action, she isn't willing to do. She specifically requests that we (whether it be white or not) understand and respect others, and she spends an entire essay on it after declaring, in the title, that her view is the mature one, implying that she managed to defeat immaturity by moving right.

I point this out because it is typical of white women to erase their own passive aggressive manipulation and patronizing behaviors and then accuse others of doing it, which is exactly the hypocrisy on display right here. This would bother me, in particular, if I were an older white woman who had moved from right to left as a matter of maturity...and of all things, as an aside, this writer actually asks why 55% of white women voted for Trump.

She is carrying the same internalized superiority that led to that collective behavior .

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