I thought this was well done, overall.

I would go a step further, as a BIWOC, mixed Asian and nonBlack, if I were to finish this article comprehensively: almost ALL White people act like this, not just the Trump followers. The degree to which White pp act like this has to do with the degree of threat they perceive. Poor White pp perceive a direct degree of threat now, due to eroding social support systems and the fact that their baseline poverty already makes them vulnerable to any further threats. Rich White Trumpies are typically overtly racist in the fashion of a Tom Cotton or Lindsay Graham, emboldened by him.

But there is a very insidious White collective group which exhibits the more passive/covert narcissism: the White 'liberal' who speaks like an anti-racist but who acts racist through deliberate ignorance. This is an extremely narcissistic group that generally eschews Trump.

I've worked at higher levels in companies, typically jam-packed with White pp, and they are often liberal until they have to acknowledge their own privilege. They often wipe themselves off on poor White pp and/or even other Trumpies in order to keep themselves clean ---and thus completely 'ignorant,' which is highly contrived--and shirk real responsibility.

These are the people who, when it comes time for promotions, think he/she/they 'earned' theirs EVEN THOUGH other White pp are 'the racist ones.' This group is the most toxic, because they are in a position to opportunity-hoard, and instead of calling it racist to do so, point the finger to more overt narcissists within the group as a distractor so that the opportunity-hoarding continues.

EX: M gets promoted. Her Indian friend T doesn't and points out that White privilege most likely not only helped M but also, because of the high competition at that level, also HURT T when it helped M.

Despite many years of agreeing with her 2 BIWOC friends that institutional racism exists, M refuses to see it when it comes time to question her own alleged 'merit.' Thus, she accepts the promotion when the more realistic thing would be to question it and potentially ask who really deserves it. This would, in at least some cases, allow the often higher-performing BIWOC true opportunity.

I find these types MUCH MORE toxic. Many Trumpies don't have much societal power: they are eroded by poverty. But these ostensibly 'liberal' White pp are literally stealing promotions, awards, and other opportunities in ways that affect BIPOCS directly from a $$$ standpoint.

These pp need to be addressed next. We throw the word 'merit' around, but White pp have so much privilege that it disfigures the authenticity of merit. As difficult as it is, White pp must question their merit at every level of society and along the political spectrum, because this is the next baby step they need to take, collectively, in order to re-tether themselves to a moral reality.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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