I think what you point out is narcissistic behavior at a collective, group level. Think about how narcissistic people act when they are faced with the truth about themselves: they become angry, even full of rage, as an intrinsic emotional response that protects them from the truth. Narcissists react this way in part because they know that they are privileged in some fashion, and that they cannot handle this privilege realistically.

One perspective on narcissists is that they were overly coddled as children and thus expect to be rewarded regardless of intrinsic ability, hard work, or actual achievement. They’ve been made to believe that they deserve reward under ALL circumstances, by dint of their existence and as ‘told’ to them repeatedly, through words and action, by their over-coddling parent (or caretaker.)

As a result, they become full of rage when their expectations (of superiority) aren’t automatically met by virtue of their mere existence. When they are expected to perform equally, they become angry because they’ve been told they don’t need to perform — they just need to show up as their intrinsically superior selves.

This behavior can be seen at the collective, group level among white people, as a result of the establishment of white supremacy. As such, to maintain this ‘superiority,’ black people (and to some extent all POC) must be inferior.

At some very basic level, taught since their conception, white people as a group believe they are intrinsically superior, that their mere existence means that their superiority in society has already been determined; this is a direct and indirect result of the massive, global lie that was Manifest Destiny (and the reason white supremacy is a worldwide phenomenon that must be addressed in every nation).

So, when white people throw childish temper tantrums at assertions of truth and reality — and the fact that they may have to actually produce genuine value before expecting an automated favor of some sort — they are expressing this crowd, collective narcissism. Like the angry narcissist who can’t believe he isn’t automatically superior, the white person — behaving as mentor of his white, collective group — displays the same childish behavior all narcissists do: s/he tries to maintain the equilibrium of white supremacy by throwing a tantrum. White women seem best at this since they can continue to delude themselves about their ‘victim’ status, routinely denying that their constant delusions of ‘victimization’ keep them from seeing just how privileged they are (above ALL POC, regardless of gender) in an overtly white supremacist society.

Most psychologists and psychiatrists agree that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to ‘cure’ a narcissist. This is in part because their stance towards life requires the utter self-deception it takes to perceive oneself as superior even in the absence of any superior performance, personality trait, or anything, for that matter. So, their option is ‘rage’ to maintain what shouldn’t have been theirs to begin with, as they distract from a lack of intrinsic value.

And I believe this is why a certain portion of POC have become hopeless in the face of white ‘ignorance:’ it is a profound, infantile narcissism, a collective, worldwide derangement of healthy emotion and humanity in which most white person participate.

At some point, the deep-seated, severe narcissism of white supremacy and collective white behavior will have to be negotiated. If white people cannot find the courage and/or morality to face it, it seems that POC of all kinds will need to step up to the plate and do the work for them (as per usual), perhaps forming leadership in which there may actually be leaders.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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