I have one very strong recommendation for all white women, even though I'm not sure you are one. I will put this out there because it matters:

White women should NOT start a conversation or a march about gender oppression and men until they can discuss their oppressive foot of race on the necks of ALL genders of color of ALL other races and ethnicities.

White women are only 10% of women. They should NOT continue to centralize this and drag the resource of attention to them when the other 90% of us also have racial and ethnic struggles.

White women: before you open your mouth re: gender discrimination, make absolutely sure you can switch from 'victim' to 'perpetrator' in the same conversation, or don't talk at all. If women of color CHOOSE to prioritize race/ethnicity, white women should be listening NOT talking: we deal with both. Assume we've prioritized race, which is your extrinsic advantage, not your victimization. Focus on that oppressive behavior, not on your victimization ad nauseum.

I highly recommend that white women write out all their feelings about men, then take that sheet and put their names in the slots with the white men in them. That's how we feel. Move your white feet off our brown, black, and indigenous necks, or don't whine about anybody else's.

White women cannot ask men to move their feet from their necks if they aren't ready to move their feet off ALL POCS' necks. This is pure hypocrisy.

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