I don't believe that most POC's want to shame white people; I believe we want ACTION : acknowledgement of that huge privilege that whiteness brings. The reason for this is that if white people don't acknowledge their very real racial advantage, then our very real disadvantage relative to white people disappears. And we know it exists, because we are drowning in it.

I suggest that white people feel whatever they need to feel in order to ACT appropriately towards POCs. This has NEVER happened, on a collective basis, in the US. I know that I am not concerned in the least whether or not white people feel guilt or shame; I want them to acknowledge that they have privilege and more opportunity than the rest of us, so that we can give POCs an equal opportunity.

As adults, we're all responsible for how we feel internally and we're judged by our behaviors. It is important for white people to feel whatever they need to feel--if this means avoiding guilt and shame, by all means, do it!--AND THEN TO ACT AS IF THEY REALIZE THEIR PRIVILEGE DAMAGES THE REST OF US.

It is the action, Ms. Morgan, not the guilt or shame, that most POCs want.

We haven't gotten that yet.

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