I do understand and agree with most of what you are saying.

Here is the basic problem as I see it: often, our supremacist society sees us as POC ONLY by color. As you point out in your response to another writer, white supremacy operates on a social level; as a result, your personal perception of desiring to see POC and not only see color doesn’t necessarily significantly alter the larger context in which we operate.

Our dilemma, as POC, is if we acknowledge that the PRIMARY way we are perceived is subordinate — which is clearly evidenced by who does and does not hold positions of power in the larger society — then we must also admit that this is our context.

If we ignore it, we are forced to marginalize ourselves, typically in arena that don’t hold much larger social power.

Regardless, we experience compromise in either setting which white people as a group do not experience.

So, I suppose I am addressing your statement — presumably aimed towards POC’s — that we should be careful in not making white people feel angry enough at us that they might vote for Trump. This ‘advice’ assumes that POC hold the primary responsibility for racism. From my perspective, as a POC, white people as a group NEED to arrive at a place where they seriously consider their privilege and thus seriously consider equality.

Whether or not this happens due to guilt, shame, ‘dissing,’ or joining together to dance a merry jig around a pot of gold is not really the concern of most POC’s. Most POC’s just want white people to get there. I would argue that some people DO respond to an honest discussion, or guilt, or shame, but that white people often point out that it is detrimental because these are not the feelings they want to have. From my perspective, feel whatever you need to feel to do the right thing: if this is guilt or shame, go ahead and feel it! If this is joy in your newfound anti-racist stance, feel joy! But do whatever it takes. POC’s white supremacy eliminated, regardless of what our oppressors need to feel to get there.

Thus, it seems strange to me that your article appears to speak to POC when it should be speaking to white people:

Here is the article I think anti-racist white people SHOULD be writing:

  1. Rather than advise POC to not make white people angry, these types of articles should be advising white people as a group how to acknowledge their supremacy and advantages, and then make prudent voting choices;

2. Focus on the long history of oppression, the PRIMARY assault of white people as a group, so that this tendency to ignore reality is OVERCOME by factual material UNTIL white people as a group, get it. Sometimes this appears to require ‘dissing,’ since nothing else is working in any sort of comprehensive manner.

With all due respect, I still don’t understand why, when white people are collectively responsible for white supremacy and its maintenance, your article is aimed towards POC and how we should adjust to the voting habits of white people. It seems you ask us, as POC, to adjust our ‘dissing’ instead of asking the larger white community to stop behaving in a manner that would naturally provoke dissing, at the very least.

In summary, white people as a group should stop adhering to white supremacy if they don’t want to receive the dissing that should follow the establishment and maintenance of white supremacy.

An analogy would be this: a group of white people beating a smaller group of POC’s with giant bats and then telling them not to curse while they’re being beaten.

How about just telling white people as a group to stop the beat down?

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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