I do — If I understand your question correctly, what you are trying to ask is whether or not this situation is perceived as fundamentally unique to ‘white’ people or if it is fundamentally ‘human;’ that is, are white people different in this regard or similar at a basic level. I believe all humans are similar at a basic, negotiation of power level.

I do believe that, given an equivalent amount of sociopolitical,cultural, economic, etc power that any group of people would behave exactly the same way because humans are fundamentally the same, and at a basic level most humans (if not all) cannot handle a great deal of power, as a rule, without eventually damaging others at some level.

What you describe is local, and white supremacy is global. It is the first global reach of fascism, at least based on written history as we know it. Even the established dominant ‘empires’ of the past were local, or local with some degree of extension; that is, the consolidation of power to one small group was contained to some extent BEFORE the domination became worldwide.

White supremacy represents worldwide domination by a minority group of people (c. 10%, European, one of of seven continents, dominating the other 90% worldwide to some extent or another.) This makes white supremacy unique in this regard, and as a result, it gives POC’s of all kinds nowhere to go where we are truly equal. Having mixed race and ethnicity as I do, I have relatives from 4 different continents and all feel as if, no matter how the political system is set up around them locally — in some cases they are dominant, in other cases subordinate from a political standpoint — they know one thing for sure: white people will be elevated, socially, based only on their ‘whiteness.’

This dominance of ‘whiteness,’ following centuries of deliberate effort of Europeans to establish this dominance worldwide, happens worldwide regardless of whatever local disturbances or even genocides that happen. It is basically fascist behavior on a larger scale.

So, here is the difference as I see it:
1. ALL people have the potential to abuse power and use it against any number of other people.

2. Europeans/’white’ people actually did it.

Would any other group do it, given the opportunity? I believe that yes, they would.

But this is the less relevant question, because it isn’t pragmatic. The pragmatic question is: what has resulted from this insidious consolidation of power that leaves so much of the human race in the lurch, in a position of inferiority?

White people benefit worldwide, EVEN in other countries. The problem as I see it is that the ones that benefit passively — even when they aren’t actively acting prejudiced — are still upholding white supremacy when they refuse to acknowledge this advantage. We can’t eliminate it if we refuse its existence.

White supremacy is an overarching and established racism that has worldwide effects regardless of amoral local behaviors among different ethnicities.

Think of it at this level: white supremacy leaves 90% of the world’s population subordinate to the other 10%, at some level, all the time, in all countries. At some point, no matter what are the local battles, we will all be reminded that we are lesser, in the big picture, than white people. Even in our ethnically native countries.

At which point will the larger population decide that this consolidation of power which places such a heavy boot on our necks is no longer acceptable?

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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