I call this institutionalized self-serving attribution. By this psychology, people credit themselves for good luck and outside forces for bad luck.

For the last few centuries, white supremacy automates good luck to white people. Due to the human tendency to self-serving attribution, they immediately confer this luck to intrinsic skill, ability, or achievement. This is a natural tendency of ALL humans, but because white supremacy confers power to white people only, they are more able to utilize this form of self-deception to their benefit.

And this is exactly what they do.

Self-serving attribution is a dangerous human proclivity. Those with power should prioritize constant self-review so as to prevent their brains from taking this ugly turn.

But they don’t. Thus, white people attribute their good luck and historically stolen benefit to ‘achievement’ and any failures to ‘other,’ ie POC. This creates a functional hallucinatory distortion among white people at a collective level that few bother making any effort to perceive accurately.

That’s not just disappointing but also shocking to POC’s who can see right through it. At some point, this shock will precipitate into frank disgust if this group doesn’t start taking responsibility for their enthusiastic embrace of psychological self-deception and distortion.

You may already know Charles Mills and The Racial Contract, in which he outlines this hallucinatory tendency in detail and embeds it in the worldwide sociopolitical arena in which it is regularly deployed.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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