I blame White men all the time...but the ones around me are quick to admit their privilege.

The White women, on the other hand, aren't admitting their privilege. It's as if, just as your response shows, there is an expectation that everyone will simply accept the huge privileges that White women have and ONLY concentrate on their disadvantages while allowing them to have massive privileges over everybody BUT White men.

White women have more social power than Black men. If you can't see that, you are participating in exactly what I am calling out.

If I could put this in numbers, I would classify like this:

White women:

Think they are 90% victim.

Actually are 10% victim and otherwise a VERY HEAVY FOOT ON ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR, ESPECIALLY BLACK MEN.

I don't put that same energy into Black me because Black men are much more derogated in our society than White women AND, as you illustrate, WW are stubbornly refusing to acknowledge it.

Everyone knows White men caused problems as a collective group. So did White women, even though they had to comply with White men (be obedient) to be protected.

Now, think about how everyone else feels compared to White women, who are complaining about White men's feet on their neck. Why aren't you complaining about your foot on everybody else's neck when you're so aggressive about blaming White men for their foot on yours?

Try to answer that question without being, yet again, ONLY a victimized damsel in distress and looking at White women's position in society accurately: they are mostly privileged, and at the expense of all people of color.

Written by

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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