I assume you are implying that all humans would act the same way given the same access to power, and I agree. I don’t doubt, in general, that under the same circumstances all people would find a way to justify the behavior.

My input is pragmatic: regardless of what may or may not happen in theory, we are, and have been, a white supremacist society for 500 years and counting, internationally, as a result of European behaviors half an era ago AND continuously since then, and their declaration of ALL peoples not white as ‘subhuman.’

That is a profound and appalling reality that simply needs to be dealt with, regardless of whether or not the victim would behave as the perpetrator given the chance.

The more immediate problem is economics: move the money over.

Unfortunately, there is no white candidate who understands that, when it comes to economics, racial and ethnic factors should be taken into account.

Note how all the liberal white candidates like Warren and Sanders talk about moving money from the rich to the poor, but they never except POC from that equation. It is as if African-Americans who have become successful are somehow equal to wealthy whites as a result of the money only.

This is grossly inaccurate. In order for POC to achieve, higher performance is required due to the obstruction of white supremacy which is simultaneously helping whites. Then, as successful people, POC are constantly questioned and challenged. This makes it harder for POC than whites.

Thus, when discussing taxation, this factor should also be acknowledged and acted upon; why would any African-American pay as many taxes as others when the system should be reparative? Why would any other types of POC, no matter how successful, have to pay into a blind racial system when the issue of race is CENTRAL?

These discussions reflect white ignorance: the stance is that only economic barriers exist to wealth, which once again sidelines the issues of race/ethnicity which do not affect whites negatively, thus focusing on their issue: economics. Thus, they don’t have to see their advantage.

That is why we need real leaders, that is, people who understand the fundamental dilemma of race and ethnicity and are not, at every turn, looking for ways to shirk accountability.

This is simply the pragmatic priority.

Discussions about how we as a society may temper any other groups’ attempts at power-mongering are relevant, but shouldn’t be used to distract from the grossly disparate economic reality of our current system which needs to be addressed ASAP.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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