I appreciate this article for the most part. I will point out that the notion that white women voted Republican, or against POC interests is 'puzzling' is misled. White women have shown the desire to dominate people of color for centuries, and in particular Black people. This is not simply a matter of education or independence; it is a matter of internalized white superiority, and white women have as much of it as white men.

Take, for example, M. Carey Thomas, who was an extremely well-educated White woman who became president of Bryn Mawr College about a century ago. She worked AGGRESSIVELY to exclude a wide range of WOCs WHILE CLAIMING TO BE INTERESTED IN EQUALITY, going so far as to PAY another university to take a Black woman Bryn Mawr had accepted. She's one of many, many examples, and this has continued to the current time, when white women in my own profession have illustrated these behaviors repeatedly.

In my professional experience of several decades, I have found that white women frequently act as if they are in competition with men of color--and frequently act as if WOCs shouldn't even be considered--and often put men of color down in order to attain their promotion, etc. Sometimes it IS a binary choice, and when it is, white women often exhibit the same behaviors they are criticizing white men of exhibiting. The common name for this is 'hypocrisy.'

Your article is strong BUT neglects one of the most important--if not the most important--factor: internalized white superiority. That cannot be addressed by taking a victimization stance towards white women; in order to address that, white women must start to face the fact that many of them have a core of this superiority REGARDLESS of education level. I am virtually only around educated white women, and the biggest problem is not that they don't have an education, it is that they refuse to negotiate their own internalized superiority by distracting themselves with their victimization.

The best way for white women to move forward is to stop coddling the 'victimization' version of their experiences and instead prioritizing the way their whiteness allows them to dominate others through an intrinsic core of manifest-destiny styled superiority complex.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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