I agree with you.

And, being white still has power that others don't have, in addition to everything you wrote.

White women are prioritized over women of color. That is a social reality. We can't eliminate privilege if the people who have it aren't willing to take responsibility.

I would say, Ms. Katy, that if you really want women of color to understand you, you do not conclude your emails--ones which indicate a significant effort at denial--with orders to me about what to fall or not fall for.

White supremacy is a worldwide fascist movement that has stolen from 90% of the human race to hand things to white people.

It's time to return those things to their proper owners.

That's called reparations, for Black people, as a start.

Then, there are Native Americans/Indigenous.

After that, we can proceed to the rest of the nonEuropean world where we note that people with a European background have a disproportionate amount of stuff that should be returned to people of color.

Yes, economic problems also exist.

But so does white supremacy.

Your persistent efforts to NOT see your privilege are discussed in the study I offered you.

Also discussed is an option you have yet to choose: you can overcome your denial.

White people will need to overcome this denial in order for us to move forward.

Written by

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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