I agree with some of this and the comments below.

The reality is that Warren cannot understand racism the same way that people of color — and in particular black people — can understand it. She’s privileged as a white person, and regardless of how hard she tries, she will be at some remove from the experience because she is white.

Why not just elect people with a full range of understanding? A black woman would understand racism first hand, in addition to gender issues. How about Stacy Abrams?

I believe this is because, subconsciously, most people can only see whites as leaders. Thus, POC are stuck with ‘best case scenario’ choices as opposed to actual strong ones.

Warren is a good choice compared to other white candidates who will never understand true racism because they are privileged with whiteness. But compared to a strong black female candidate, she won’t quite get it.

We are still waiting for these actual strong candidates. Warren may represent the best we can do when we only have whites to choose from, but given a choice of people with the actual experience, virtually ANY POC would understand better.

This explains why white people are so eager to make sure nobody else is in the running at a real level, whether they be conservative or liberal. All POC have the potential to understand the core problem in the US: the invention of racism, in a way that whites do not.

To make a strong leadership decision, then, would be to elect a POC, and in particular a black woman, because she has a wide range of social experiences including derogation on the basis of race.

I believe POC accept candidates like Warren somewhat grudgingly: we can still do better, ie, somebody who has to deal with real racism every minute because we are forced to as a result of profound white privileging. But we have no choice, because long-standing white privilege nearly guarantees their success while simultaneously oppressing the rest of us.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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