I agree. I’ve had enough of white ‘ignorance’ because I’ve had these conversations for years with some people. They can only claim ‘ignorance’ before they’ve been told — after that, it is deliberate ‘looking away.’

I’ve decided that people who deliberately look away are not going to be part of my life. AND my life is better.

When people make statements about ‘not having friends,’ here is what I hear: a variant of ‘you better vote for Trump, or else.’ The implication is that we will be in trouble if we dare ask for equal treatment. There’s only one reason to say something like that — -how the * does he know whether or not you will still have friends?! It is a statement meant to apply pressure: if you dare tell us the truth about ourselves — which is very ugly — we will react by damning you to no friend status.

Who cares? Go ahead and vote for Trump. I’m not basing my votes or my friends on whether or not one group of people gets to keep the power they probably shouldn’t have had to begin with by lying to themselves for yet another generation.

I had to answer because I am so tired of these defensive reactions instead of the proper one: take a look at your history and address the real issues instead of threatening the rest of us ad nauseum.

Thanks again for putting this out here….

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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