His pure Macchiavellianism operates extremely well in a context entirely defined by fascist Macchiavellianism: white supremacy. So, he is the mirror image of these people who want to believe that their superiority will continue to be automated despite a lack of objective performance.

White supremacy is tactical conquest-oriented behavior that precludes morality or consideration of altruism: it’s about winning, taking as much of the spoils as possible and distributing them among the smallest group possible, thereby guaranteeing that each member of that smaller group will have more.

People who believe that they are superior in the absence of any actual evidence are grasping onto that straw of whiteness because it’s all they have. This is a reflection of exactly what white supremacy is: steal things that aren’t yours by using ‘race’ as a placecard for ‘class.’

In that sense, Trump doesn’t operate as a racist: ie, specifically hating brown or black people. But because he embodies white supremacy so completely — the straw man of success where there isn’t any — he also embodies the racism which is at the core of the invention of ‘whiteness.’ Sticking up for white identity is the same thing as white supremacy: ‘whiteness’ as a concept had only one purpose: ‘more for us.’

In this sense, I believe that even those who don’t actively and/or consciously hate POC’s are still racist if they are not actively pushing against it. The default setting is white supremacy, so pushing against it actively is really the only nonracist option.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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