It seems like the Native/Indigenous population has been erased in so many ways that it’s hard to even start to address the problem. For example, I was told that CV’s do not come through and therefore there isn’t anything to present to me. Etc. My response was (is) to proactively look for candidates who are indigenous to N. America since they have a huge contribution to make in any setting with a perspective that no other group in the US can give. But of course they would never consider this: to most companies, this means doing a favor to POC — and would also cost money — so they choose instead to deny that the reason so many CV’s come from white people is that they are privileged. Instead, they choose to believe that white people are more intelligent, organized, disciplined, etc which allows further denial of their unearned advantage. As a result, in these competitive environments, there is less opportunity for POC’s and in particular ones such as NA/I peoples who have already been subject to so much oppression that they don’t get these opportunities to begin with.

I would love to be part of your writing/insights: your essays are great and deserve collection in book form. I should say that I write under several pseudonyms and wish to preserve these. My role(s) was (were) not as a direct HR hire working in the HR department, but as a liaison between the professionals and the corporate administrators. These professionals included a number of POC’s who are immigrants from a wide range of different countries. I no longer work in these settings, in large part because after decades, I’ve realized that very little has changed. My own perception, both at work and in personal issues, is that white ‘ignorance’ is used more deliberately than we are perceiving; if this particular psychological tool wasn’t used aggressively by a majority of white people, we would have moved forward as a society striving for real equality. Unfortunately, most white people — corporate admins or otherwise — are first and foremost devoted to preserving their collective white power.

Once I realized that the same behaviors were being exhibited literally 2 generations later — and the same deniability that comprises complicit behavior with the status quo — I knew it was time to move on, even if it took me decades. I’ve also ‘passed’ as white as well as been perceived as a number of other ‘races,’ so I can comment on this if helpful. Let me know if any of this works for you: your work is excellent. I’d love to be a part of it…

Keep writing!

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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