Here's the problem with that: White pp are automatically favored at every level AND, perhaps more importantly, they refuse to perceive this accurately as a result of EXTERNAL privilege, not internal 'merit.'

So, if those of us getting crushed by that constant self-deception--that idea that 'merit' exists where there is really mostly privilege=gifting--then of course we have to speak up! Many of us are tired being under that heavy White foot while the person crushing us looks down and pretends that it isn't what they are doing, just so they don't have to perceive themselves accurately.

Nobody's bending over backwards, Mr. Cohen. White pp set up a system that benefits them when:

1. They perform higher than others;

2.They perform equally to others;

3. They perform lower than others.

A little pull in the opposite direction of this centuries-long established system of siphoning resources from everybody else is NOT bending over backwards. It's a drop in the bucket.

POCS don't need white help. Around me and in my professional circles the lowest performers are often White. This is likely because they know less effort is required by them to receive more benefit. That's not merit, and no matter how hard it is for White pp to see it, they should start trying. If merit applied, White pp would already be a minority at leadership levels. Many of them wouldn't have a prayer even at the college-entry level if their fathers weren't--just like their own privileged fathers--paying to get their mediocre children in because a wide range of Asians have simply done much better. That father should say, 'my son and daughter just aren't good enough,' not 'how can I commit extortion to get his subpar butt in." This same behavior happens at every level. Assume privilege, not merit, and let the real winner win.

Move the heavy foot. No other help is needed.

This is done by appropriately assuming, first, that White privilege handed you what you have, if you're white, and then asking who would have gotten it if merit actually mattered and white privilege didn't automatically hand it to a White person.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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