Here's one example: Affirmative action.

Affirmative action slots were meant to go to people of color, primarily Black people and to some extent Indigenous Americans and growing Latinx people.

Instead, conservatives in goverment rerouted those benefits to white women, essentially claiming that white women were also 'minorities.'

It should be obvious that white women are NOT minorities; those benefits were meant for PEOPLE OF COLOR of all genders, and in particular for Black peoples, who had not--and still have not--been paid for labor which has resulted in disparities.

The way we see this expressed today is that white women are better represented at higher levels in corporation and government, often more than ANY person of color. This illustrates the final effects of siphoning off resources meant for Black people and handing them to white women.

It is really obvious in the world of publishing, where white women outnumber everyone, including white men, at every level, including executive. This may explain why subpar books like Cummins' disastrous American Dirt received not only a lot of unearned positive regard but also a 7 figure advance that is unheard of for POCs writing much more authentic books.

The bar for white women is low.

Now, I'm a nonBlack woman of color. I am BOTH female and not white. I choose to center race because it has greater negative impact than gender: white women are profoundly privileged compared to ALL POCs. You don't deal with race--only gender.

Why would you question people who have to deal with BOTH heavy feet on our necks when you only have to deal with one? Why isn't our experience of being female as critical as yours?

I repeat, Ms. Lindz: white women are privileged. You are only 5% of the human race yet own much more of its wealth. As long as white women disregard this issue and continue to center gender--which many of us non white WOMEN do not believe should be centered--we will continue to have this conflict.

Stop centering your disadvantage and start centering your advantage. You're privileged. Act it. This will better allow us to move forward as a society.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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