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I would offer that, due to a toxic history of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade in the US PAIRED WITH the distorted lie of 'merit' and 'equality' have helped to contribute to the vigorous responses to race in the US. I believe it is this combination---centuries of slavery or similar behaviors such as those witnessed during the Jim Crow area AND the distorted lie of 'equality' which allows white people an 'out' when they are forced to consider the reality of history, the fact that equality hasn't ever existed in the US due directly to white people holding most of the privilege. Obviously, if they act as if their privilege doesn’t exist, then neither does our discrimination. And we know it does.

As far as I know, the South American countries have never instituted the extreme legal establishment of slavery (declaring others subhuman for the purposes of increasing wealth) AND paired it with a massive lie: this is 'equality' or 'merit.' They certainly have racism, as proven by 'doll studies' which show that even very young children who are POC's believe they are 'ugly' and young children who are white (or relatively whiter looking) believe that they are automatically prettier or better. These doll studies, done in the middle of the century by two African-American psychologists, Kenneth and Mamie Clark, were replicated again by Anderson Cooper in 2010, showing the same results. In South America, these tests show similar results. This is the effect of 500 years of genocide and dominance worldwide: at some level, ALL human peoples believe that 'white' is better, even as young as the age of two or three.

White supremacy is the first documented human system of fascism that affects the entire human race.

POC's--and in particular black peoples and Native Americans in the US, but all POC's--understand that we are discriminated against, but white people in general believe that things are 'equal.' This disconnect is a result of the original lie--the hypocrisy contained in declaring the rest of the human (non-European) race permanently inferior in order to obtain others' resources--and until white people in the US deal with this lie, this disconnect will persist.

I am of mixed-race origin, Middle Eastern/Asian, a little white, and several ethnicities within these. My experience as an American is of discrimination AND that white people don't want to see it, because their lie of equality will be ruined and, on a pragmatic basis, they will have to think about what one does when one has other people's stuff. This feeling of shame, or whatever it is, is prioritized by white people over tolerating that feeling and acting anti-racist. White people choose their comfort over other people’s lives.

At some point, our country will have to decide how to exhibit some sort of moral decency towards Native/Indigenous peoples and people of African descent in this country. Only 17% of white people agree with reparations. This is 83% refusing to acknowledge reality accurately.

My parents, from other countries, don't feel this as much as I do. But they understand white supremacy is a worldwide movement because, on a total of 4 continents, they have watched while 'whiteness' is elevated at the expense of others, which includes a number of different kinds of POC's inclusive of their own and other POC groups.

White supremacy has contaminated the entire planet. Both collectively and individually, white people should be doing something to eliminate it.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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