Hello Ms. Joseph,

I appreciate your honesty in this essay.

It does counter the absurd self-deception involved in statements — typically made by white people — which indicate that ‘nobody’ wants ‘cultural Marxism’ because they ‘can’t keep up.’

As a group, white people don’t want to deal with identity politics because they perceive their own identity as fixed in a place of superiority. Clearly, this is working nicely for them since they need only exert a minimum of effort, relative to black, brown, and indigenous peoples, for a maximum of reward and can simultaneously convince themselves, despite what is obvious to BBI, that they aren’t stealing these things from BBI peoples. This is called denial. At the extremes of white behavior, it is functional psychosis. Why? Because this type of psychosis refuses to entertain reality.

Thus, in response to essays such as yours which indicate the difficulties of being a BBI person in a white supremacist world, there is frequently an attempt to minimize if not completely eliminate ‘identity politics’ through persuasion and/or the more obvious form, bullying.

Please don’t pay attention to this sort of self-serving denial. It is simply more of the same: 400 years of holding onto other people’s stuff, and counting, plus the complicated psychology it takes for white people to exhibit frank hypocrisy by calling themselves ‘nice,’ pretending white supremacy doesn’t exist, asking you to contemplate the cosmos (???), yet continuing to benefit from white supremacy.

It doesn’t seem to occur to certain men that quoting old white men from antiquity probably isn’t the most congruent choice for an essay like yours, at least not based on my interpretation of it.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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