Hello Mr. Haque,

I really like this article and agree with much of what you're saying. I'd like to add a few things:

1.If we are asking white people to NOT interfere with our stories, voices, etc and let us speak, why would we lecture them about whether or not to feel guilty?

Here is what we tell our aspirational anti-racist friends: feel what you need to feel, but end up in a place where power is shifted. This is the bottom line. If shame inspires you to shift, then feel shame! If not, feel whatever it takes. But DO the right thing. I feel compelled to help my children learn how to approach others, but shouldn't adults have the maturity to do this themselves?? Shame and guilt are likely less effective, but if you are an individual who feels like shame puts a fire under your a**, then feel shame! Feel whatever it takes. DO the right thing, white person, regardless of how you feel.

2. Our friends (and in some cases, white spouses) often ask us 'what can we do? We feel helpless.'

Individual white people feel helpless due to a lack of individual response in their own lives.


For example: why are 'white neighborhoods,' the wealthier ones, 'white'? Because they can afford it. They can afford it because they are getting the promotions. That leads to better bonuses. More promotions. They promote each other. What do we have? Lots of richer white people.

We suggest that, if you are white, you constantly question your merit and assume privilege. This doesn't feel good, but if you are a true anti-racist, that won't be the priority. Assume you have what you have because you're white.

We suggest the individual white person disrupt white supremacy by looking around when he/she/they receive a reward/promotion, etc, and asking which POC probably got screwed in order for that white person to be promoted. Then, act. Don't just accept it and say 'I earned it!' Instead, default to privilege: 'I got it because I"m white, most likely. Who didn't get the opportunity because I did?'

You can imagine how well-received is this suggestion! Yet, if white people keep filtering up into positions of power (or staying there), nothing will change.

In the final analysis, tempering power means moving money and higher level, decision making, leadership positions to more POCs. It means disrupting the white majority at higher levels, so that no one group has all the power. That means that Bradley Buckingham the 20th doesn't automatically get the promotion and then claim he earned it; it means he admits he is privileged, got it due to his whiteness, and gives it to the POC performing at a higher level.


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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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