I enjoyed your article and its open-minded stance.

However, I would focus on commitment to help representation of people of color at higher levels in every institution. In fact, in most American institutions, whether public or private, statistics show that whites dominate in positions of power even when the representative worker majority is non-white. This statistical fact alone should argue for any and all white people to address this issue in REAL ways at the corporate level, to allow for rectification of this massive disparity in leadership (and thus, reimbursement, bonus, and non-monetary rewards such as awards which continue to go primarily to whites).

Higher level power positions are often zero sum; that is, the corporation only has one CEO and a limited number of Board members. Obviously, in a zero-sum situation — which these often are, at least at higher levels — in order to foster equality, whites will have to give up some of the massive unearned advantage that characterizes leadership at all levels and corporations, because they have such a disproportionate amount of it.

Examples: White men dominate leadership at Fortune 500 companies.

White women dominate leadership at publishing companies (perhaps explaining why so many of the published books we see are written by white women.)

I believe it’s important for white anti-racists to ask what, in the particular situations which are zero-sum, will they be willing to ‘give up’ (people of color may perceive this as ‘give back’) in order to rectify the malignant disparity that has a centuries-long history of supremacist establishment support? If the stance which supports equality compromises the economic position of that white person, will that person still be willing to do the right thing and support actual equality, even if it means a true redistribution of the gross disparity of monies in our society? Will that white person really be willing to do the right thing?

When the rubber hits the road, will anti-racist whites be willing to give back what has been taken, even if the stakes are high for that individual white person?

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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