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I think what you describe is ‘pretty = power.’ Like all sorts of power, it is fundamentally appealing at a basic level to human beings. It tends to include a component of privilege, that is, unearned benefit. Being ‘pretty’ in our society means certain traits, and generally speaking, these traits aren’t earned.

So, I think that the person with these advantages struggles, whether consciously or not, with the issue of power. That is, do I keep my power and use it against others and to my advantage, or do I disregard it, or work to make sure that my (unearned) advantage doesn’t disadvantage others?

This choice puts that person in conflict, because having power has a fundamental appeal to most people (some more than others, but most nevertheless). So, at a basic level, I believe the unhappiness of attractive people arises out of their own perception of their advantage at some level, and then the decision that it is OK to use this advantage even in deleterious fashion as long as it benefits her/him/they.

When I observe women and their jealousy towards women like this, it is not the appearance per se that they want, it is the attention, money, success, etc. That means power, not necessarily a specific appearance.

I suggest that, where these types of people are unhappy, it is because they continue to deal with the internal conflict: do I use this power to my own advantage, with ulterior motive, or do I acknowledge awareness of this and act differently?

All manifestations of power are vulnerable to abuse. Women who are ‘pretty’ in a particular way tend, in general, to reflect the larger power structure and the way it operates. Any separation from this reflects a willingness to reject this sort of power. Embracing it, on the other hand, will likely cause internal conflict for anybody who is not purely power oriented. My observation is that this causes at least some of the unhappiness for this group.

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