I appreciate this focus on the complexity of identities. It seems to me from observing myself and others that focusing on our disadvantages is typical. I can only imagine what black women go through, since I don’t have the genuine experience of being black, but as a mixed race/ethnicity female, I do have some experience with various forms of prejudice and racism.

Many people feel as if they don’t fit into the ‘lefty’ movement; that is, many non-white people. I’ve asked myself why it is that liberal people play this game of ‘oppression olympics’ for a long time, and my current conclusion is that we play into white supremacy when we do this. I believe that this is because white supremacy is set up as a binary of superior (white, European background) and inferior (every body else, with the possible exception of Russians, who are also white and thus the inadvertent recipients of historical European advantages.) These are conquest-based approaches which require attention to the methods by which conquest maintains domination. Because the domination is only overtly violent in order to control POC and other nonconforming identities in some settings (for example, wars in the Middle East or black men being shot in America), it must be subtly violent in others.

This violence, more subtle, takes the form of high-grade manipulation on the order of Macchiavellian tactical behaviors that are often displayed by white liberals. I often hark back to 2nd grade in order to explain the way most white people act on a collective basis: the bully picks a victim, then ‘recruits’ others to line up against that one victim, thus overwhelming the victim. The bully MUST recruit from others who he/she/they do not necessarily want in their corner LONG-TERM; it is about expedience: how to gain power at that time.

This is the position in which POC’s and other non-status quo identities find themselves: after centuries of systemic Macchiavellianism and continual ‘splitting’ between oppressed peoples, the attitudes are automated. The white-male-cis-Christian complex was deliberately created — constructed — in order to classify peoples with an eye to placing that cardboard context in charge: moving resources to that small group from a wide range of others, worldwide.

That group is still in control, in large part because there are constant, automated behaviors which fall squarely in the category of pure Macchiavellianism, precluding morality.

I found myself continually confused about the way in which all oppressed peoples should approach our current centuries-long condition, given the differences in our identities, until I examined the core behaviors: they are tactical-oriented, thus miss any attention at ethics. The behavior indicates, frankly, that ethical considerations are no longer being made as if that entire portion of the brain has been turned off, possibly for centuries.

In order for left-leaning people to understand their dilemma, I believe there must be understanding of the core behaviors — and the deception which maintains them — which allows for this ‘leadership’ to continue despite clear-cut absence of leader behavior. The core philosophy is Macchiavellianism, and as long as POC and other non-conforming peoples conform to any aspect of the construction — such as splitting — we help maintain their power.

Thank you again…

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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