I think your article is correct in stating that white men are less inclined to behave in appropriate ways, which maintains their power in our society. Thank you for indicating this in your essay.

You also sound like someone who understands some of these issues. But, I'd like to point out a 'blind spot' in your theory: 'white women aren't doing this.'

You may not be doing this, but white women have found another very aggressive and dangerous way to treat Black men: they are acting like 'Karens.' This constant hostility towards Black men, and in some cases other men of color, is even more dangerous than any white man qualifier in a discussion. Many white women are also pushing back against a perceived challenge to their unjust enrichment in our society.

White PEOPLE benefit. To some extent, nonBlack POC's benefit. White women benefit, as a group, much more than they are willing to admit from the maintenance of white supremacy. I ask you to consider 4 items only, even though there are more:

1. Take a look at the sheer number of 'Karens' who have come out since Floyd was murdered;

2. Take a look at the history of affirmative action and the way these positions were taken from Black people and given to white women, AND white women don't 'notice' or acknowledge this, often asserting they are ‘minorities’;

3.Take a look at corporate statistics and the way in which white women are often promoted above ANY POC;

4. Take a look at attendance at the Women's March, which dropped from millions in 2016 to hundreds earlier this year, and before COVID hit, due to the perception of a range of many different women of color that white women do not have the interests of WOC at heart. WOCs have arranged for marches that don’t include white women unless they understand their privilege.

White women are at a distinct advantage and ARE behaving, in many ways, like white men have behaved for centuries.

Without underlining the racial component, your argument becomes purely gender-based BUT is embedded in a racial discussion which never really explores race. As a feminist discussion, it works well. But since you've introduced race as part of it, it isn’t complete until you ALSO discuss that, even while having a gender disadvantage in our society, white women are the ONLY women who also have a racial advantage. Just like white men.

To fix this essay, either remove any mention of race OR, if you do discuss race, acknowledge that white women are both oppressed by white men AND simultaneously protected by them, through whiteness.

Otherwise, it just seems color blind, which is a form of racism itself. In addition, it casts white women as equivalent victims to others of color, which simply isn’t accurate. White women have a racial advantage that NO person of color of ANY gender has. Kindly acknowledge.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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