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I wanted to comment on the above as a cis-gendered female of mixed race and ethnicity who is neither black nor white and who has always identified as female. I don’t believe the US is more sexist than racist, and my embedded experience indicates to me that racism is the central decision-point re: power in US society (in its conflation with money and economics in the US.)

My experience, even as a nonblack American, is that race is the primary decider of success in the US. I don’t think utilizing one example — ie, the Obama presidency — is adequate to prove that sexism is more penetrated than racism in our society. Frankly, if I can understand this as a first-generation American, with no history of slavery myself, I feel like in reality it must be glaring.

I do find that immigrants such as my parents neglect the centrality of race in America, and I believe it is because they haven’t been embedded in the reality of the power of race. I see this frequently in immigrants and first generation Americans, and I think it is a form of denial.

I would ask this question in America when talking about race and gender: when you look at larger groups, what trends do you see in American society?

54% of white women voted for Trump; my opinion is that, as a group, they are choosing their white supremacist advantage over their gender disadvantage, because they know viscerally that ‘whiteness’ holds the most power. This is more than half of the entire white female population — a group behavior that should not be ignored.

This would likely NOT be the choice in many other countries, where the similarity in race/ethnicity in the population forces another ‘division.’

This is a very simple test, albeit black and white (so to speak), but at some level it is informative:

Here is the test: would you rather be, in American society, a:

  1. Black male; or
  2. White female.

This survey would, at some basic level, express the distinction between race and gender in America. I believe you will get a higher percentage of people choosing ‘2’ in America than in other countries, AND a much high percentage choosing white female. This particular group of females, no matter how discriminated against otherwise, still has a whopping advantage compared to all peoples of color on a group level.

This is not to say that the long-standing damage that patriarchy has done is not extremely important: sexism must be addressed.

It is to say that, as the primary inventors of the concept of race, Americans will consider this implicitly/subconsciously because ‘whiteness’ still carries a great deal of power…

Thank you for your attention if you’ve gotten this far….

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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