Here is the best survey I know about in the world of writing, done by a publisher called Lee and Low. They did a baseline in 2015 followed by a follow up in 2019. I use publishing as an example because it indicates in clear fashion what I have experienced for my entire career (not writing): that white people have an advantage when it comes to positions of power, regardless of gender, and because white women often discuss these items without realistically separating the elements. That is, generally speaking, they tend to think of themselves as 'minority' without acknowledging that they have an advantage NO POC has, regardless of gender. Erasing this advantage means it isn't acknowledged, which means our discrimination doesn't exist. We know it does.



White women dominate leadership positions in publishing at the rates above, c. 70-80%.

Here, for comparison, is a survey of white men in Fortune 500 companies:


Slightly lower, at 72%.

I know of no company in which people of color dominate in leadership positions unless that corporation is specifically focused on that race and/or ethnicity.

I have also written in some detail about the way in which this is negotiated by several white women writers on a granular/individual level based on interview quotations which illustrate the same flippant treatment of their success that white men show, while still claiming victimhood. Here is one article I wrote after discussion with several people of color (male and female) in any professional arena and women of color who are writers.

Disclosure: I am not (officially) a writer and have been primarily involved in corporations, typically ones which include very high-performing POC's (for example, IT companies and hospitals.) It is because the example of white female privilege in arena of power is so obvious in publishing that I chose this field to discuss, after a niece who is a writer informed me about the way graduate programs in writing are often almost entirely dominated by white women, both in terms of class size and pool of professors to choose from (this is how institutionalized white supremacy privileges white people: it creates this track of success).

Here it is if you'd like to peruse:


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