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In general, artists tend to reveal what may be hidden by social mores and niceties. When there is political writing, therefore, it often serves to expose the deception of particular governments.

This exposure is virtually always threatening to the people who hold power, and that is typically the status quo, because exposure of deception and hypocrisy necessarily informs the majority of people that something is wrong with the government.

So, I believe a government that is invested in maintaining the status quo will push against artists as a group, since most of them are, at some level or another, exposing fundamental truths.

Because our government is currently conservative and very obviously interested in preserving the past, regardless of the deception and hypocrisy it encompasses, it must silence artists (as much as it can within its democratic arena). This is because the dominant culture may be subject to change, which the people who already have power don’t want.

As you have already probably noticed, those people in the general population who sense a threat of change that might disrupt their position of power as a result of revealing these truths will also push back, because they are also invested in maintaining a conservative government that protects their interests, and the fact that it does so at others’ expenses must remain hidden in order for their status to be maintained.

Note the high degree of defensiveness to which I’m sure you’ve been subjected: this is about culture, about taking away OUR culture. What much of art reveals lately is the deceptive quality of our history; but that runs counter to the significant power this group in the general population wants to maintain. Thus, the more diverse our writing/art, the less inclined a conservative government — and a dominant population — wants it (unless they are actually interested in equality, which would directly counter their power.)

Thus, a percent of the population — those who benefit from hiding deception because they are the recipients of automated favor in our current system — also does not like the arts: artists are revealing truths that cast this group in an ugly light which is also accurate.

I can see you’ve gotten one example of this sort of gaslighting already.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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