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‘Folie au Blanc:’ The Shared Psychosis Between White Writers and White Critics

Ignorance and White Supremacy Maintenance in Publishing

Folie au Deux = Folie au Blanc (White) in the Publishing World

Shared psychotic disorder (Folie a deux) is an unusual mental disorder characterized by sharing a delusion among two or more people who are in a close relationship. The (inducer, primary) who has a psychotic disorder with delusions influences another individual or more (induced, secondary) with a specific belief. It commonly presents among two individuals, but in rare cases can include larger groups, i.e., family and called folie a famille.[1][2]

Two Examples: Cummins and Zink

Parul Sehgal, one non-white critic, hit the nail on the head when she wrote: “The deep roots of these forced migrations are never interrogated; the American reader can read without fear of uncomfortable self-reproach… I found myself flinching as I read, not from the perils the characters face, but from the mauling the English language receives…What thin creations these characters are — and how distorted they are by the stilted prose and characterizations.”

Folie Au Blanc Supports White Supremacy

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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