Excellent as always, Marley. I would add that nonBlack POCs like me need to admit their 'white privilege' relative to Black peoples, and not just in the US. White supremacy is a worldwide movement that damages people of African descent the most, worldwide.

This is an extremely important time for non-Black POCs to recognize that we are part of the system also--for both 'better' and worse---and to realize that it is all 'worse.'

Getting rid of white supremacy is not about 'helping' Black people, as I often hear. This frames Black peoples as needy and implies a lack of ability. The reality is a lack of opportunity which results from a toxic system. It is about eliminating a noxious system that creates dominance out of mere difference and then damages people--Black people the most, as a result of the binary-- as a result of that lie. ALL of us benefit from eliminating this system. We are not 'doing Black people a favor,' we are doing the right thing. This is baseline behavior, not something extra. I wish nonBlack POC's around me could understand this: you're doing the entire human race a big favor, not Black people in particular.

I really enjoy your writing. So good!

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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