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Dog -Whistle Racism: Using Asians as Pawns

George ‘I’m a Heather’ Will Strikes Again

Once again, George Will has offered up a tired trope in the form of a ‘dog whistle’ in his recently published article, “Today’s anti-racism usually disguises itself as ‘diversity’” (The Washington Post, May 28, 2021; Will recycles the generations-long trope that ‘diversity’ (read: Black people) is the reason that Asians experience discrimination, especially in the context of education. Will’s highly narcissistic approach to discrimination and its actual sources (Whiteness) involves a mélange of defensive maneuvers including but not limited to projection, denial, and grandiosity. Much like a vindictive and underhanded ‘Heather’ in her prime as an adolescent, Will wastes no time participating in triangulation, ‘splitting’ and pitting Asians against African-Americans in order to frame one group of people of color, Asians, as victims of another group, perpetrators of ‘diversity.’ Will, a great fan of Ronald Reagan and his White supremacist shenanigans, followed Reagan’s lead when he decided to resort to the shameless dog whistle term ‘diversity,’ which in the world of conservative Whiteness, typically means ‘Black.’

“…today’s saturation of national life with government-endorsed and government-enforced racial discrimination, which now affects allocations of vaccines, government loans and much else. This is the result of replacing the ideal of equality — equal treatment — with “equity,” meaning government-engineered racial outcomes.”

The first thing that occurred to me when I read this passage is the clear-cut African-American dog-whistle: ‘allocations of vaccines’ and ‘governmental loans’ translates, in George Will-speak, to ‘Black people.’ He was considerably more overt as the Reagan of the journalist’s world in the 1980’s, but his internalized superiority drips off him even at the age of 80 in this statement. He might as well say — as did Reagan and his administration did decades ago — that only ‘welfare moms’ are getting ‘vaccine handouts.’ The meaning is the same and is not lost on at least some Asians: Will is racist, his anti-Black comments are obvious, and his tactical attempts to get Asians to participate in this ridiculous form of bullying are absurd. I urge all Asians to perceive George Will’s anti-Black tack as obvious: he doesn’t really care about Asians.

“The problem here is that the lawsuits and the complaint at issue has received a lot of media attention [and] are conflating two things: affirmative action and discrimination against Asians.”

This statement is important because it exposes the tactical methods by which conservatives like George Will continue to both discriminate against African-Americans and use Asians as pawns in order to reach his goals. This behavior is similar to any which we have observed in a White supremacist society: it is an ‘end justifies the means’ tactic. George Will’s efforts exist to protect White people as a collective group, not to support, defend, or otherwise help the Asian community.

If he wanted to do that, he could talk about White supremacy and how his group’s White privilege damages everybody else in the BIPOC category, including Asians. Then, instead of acting like a dysfunctional, narcissistic teenager, he could make an actual productive contribution to humanity.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.