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Dog -Whistle Racism: Using Asians as Pawns

George ‘I’m a Heather’ Will Strikes Again

“…today’s saturation of national life with government-endorsed and government-enforced racial discrimination, which now affects allocations of vaccines, government loans and much else. This is the result of replacing the ideal of equality — equal treatment — with “equity,” meaning government-engineered racial outcomes.”

“The problem here is that the lawsuits and the complaint at issue has received a lot of media attention [and] are conflating two things: affirmative action and discrimination against Asians.”

This statement is important because it exposes the tactical methods by which conservatives like George Will continue to both discriminate against African-Americans and use Asians as pawns in order to reach his goals. This behavior is similar to any which we have observed in a White supremacist society: it is an ‘end justifies the means’ tactic. George Will’s efforts exist to protect White people as a collective group, not to support, defend, or otherwise help the Asian community.

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.