Dear Dr. Nakagawa,

Thank you for your plea! I agree.

I think you come to this with the assumption that the current power structure cares about physicians or intelligence. After working in corporate settings for decades, many of them hospitals, I can assure you that higher level corporate people don't care about doctors. Or, about anybody else getting the actual job done. They are sitting in meetings discussing ways that they can save money--regardless of its effects on frontliners and patients--and how they can save their Board of Directors more money regardless of the expense to others.

They protect their own loved ones from the consequences of their amoral stances by instituting the 'VIP suite.' This sounds very undemocratic, so it doesn't exist as an actual suite. When a VIP comes in, though, you may notice — as time passes and you become an attending — that resources will be shifted in this direction regardless of how other patients are affected, and that the physician will be punished (behind closed doors) for NOT prioritizing the rich connected person over a much sicker one without the equivalent financial resources.

The Trump Administration is just an overt example of the way in which government and higher level corporate cronies think of doctors. Doctors and other healthcare workers, in this day and age, are like that person lifting the french fry basket up and down at the fast food place: they are supposed to shut up and do the job in the interest of keeping rich people comfortable in their C suites, and the Board of Directors as wealthy as possible.

I see that admissions to medical school are going up. So are physician suicides, which as of 2018 exceeded, by percentage, that of the general population. Few medical students seem to know that bankruptcy is not even possible with student debt: it follows you forever. Thus, saddled with (an average) 180K of debt and no other skills, some students will feel as if they are in a very small cage.

What is the disconnect between reality and healthcare in people's minds? Why are people still choosing medical school and then, several years later--after being inundated with unspeakable debt and the effects of 120 hr work weeks--suddenly realizing what a big mistake they made, thus attempting suicide at higher rates than the general population?

Our society should be informing everyone of the real price that doctors pay. Of course, if they did, they would have much fewer applicants to those fancy and expensive schools of french fry lifting. And they would have to focus their anger at the real culprits: corporate executives. It's during internship and residency that doctors are told to shut up and, unfortunately, these are the periods in many doctors’ lives when the hierarchy still present in medicine is most effectively used against them, thus shutting them up.

My point is this: medicine has been a disastrous corporate mess since about 1990. The Trump admin is just bringing it to the forefront...

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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