You are still avoiding the central issue: we are all embedded in a white supremacy society in which white people are privileged. Your approach — which asserts that the past should be the past — is simply another form of ‘racism is over.’

I do not assume conspiracy: I assume a subconscious desire to maintain power coupled with resistance to admitting to oneself that this tack is informed by white supremacy. That is, I don’t believe most white people sit around discussing how to get better health outcomes than other groups; they simply allow the current context to continue, and this context favors white people. Thus, for white people to act anti-racist they must exhibit active behavior; anything else promotes the status quo.

So, no conspiracy. More of a laziness which is exhibited on a subconscious basis so the hard work of equality — which will require that white people give up their profound free ride of whiteness — need not be undertaken. Again, this is not a conspiracy. It is a harking to lower levels of brain functioning in which protecting one’s power takes precedence over moral behavior, or anything even vaguely resembling it.

Obviously, this means the lazy acceptance of the status quo be altered to reflect actual equality.

Harking to a few rare diseases in order to compare to common diseases that affect many people is absurd. A tiny minority of people ever contract Jakob-Creutzfeld; breast cancer affects millions on a yearly basis, many of them black and/or POC’s who suffer greatly due to disproportionate amounts of resources shifted, automatically through institutionalized white supremacy, to wealthy white women. When discussing large groups, it is important to underline the actual numbers of people affected. Familial Insomnia, like your other example, is quite rare, and is not known to kill anybody. The mortality for African Americans and Native Americans is not only existent but very high.

Angry rhetoric isn’t needed by the status quo, because maintaining things as they are works in their favor. This is yet another form of privileging: that the dominant group can simply sit about discussing things — -because those discussions maintain current behavior, thus continuing the white privileging that damages so many others. Thus, once again, the POC is relegated in the ‘angry’ category — for asking that the despicable context in which we are forced to operate change for the better.

Change is what matters to people who are oppressed, not niceness. ‘Niceness’ protects the status quo.

Now, if white people collectively did the right thing, none of this would be necessary. But, despite a few anti-racists, white people as a group are NOT doing the right thing: they are maintaining white supremacy. At some point — after centuries of ‘nice’ — don’t you think the POC’s being damaged should stand up and ask for more than constant derogation???

‘Many poor people are suffering’ erases the all-important factor of race. This isn’t really acceptable: race determines our quality of life, generally speaking, regardless of our wealth. We’ve neglected African Americans and Native Americans for centuries, and this is where our resources should go at this point.



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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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