Chelsea Handler likely recognizes that the ignorant behavior of whites cannot continue. At some point, people tired of being subordinated to whites are going to tire of the constant coddling which white egos require in order to buffer their historical belief in their automated superiority.

This is why what Handler does isn’t enough: she is privileged on the basis of her whiteness, which is exaggerated for blue-eyed blondes, the ‘superior’ side of the binary required to continue to subordinate black people. If she wants to help, she should acknowledge her privilege in very specific ways, rather than simply presenting a general argument.

Presenting general arguments cannot work on their own at this juncture in history. This approach has already allowed individual white people — primarily white liberals — to create a psychological world of denial which excludes them from the general terms of white supremacy and institutionalization of white superiority. This denial is a form of participation in white supremacy which simultaneously allows liberal white people to deny their active participation in maintaining their superior positions while refusing acknowledgement that their behaviors are just as toxic as the beliefs and behaviors of overt white supremacists. This is hypocrisy.

Handler could therefore use ‘her’ money — earned at least in part because of the profound privileging white women receive simply for being born — to let an African-American actually run the show and speak these words. Wouldn’t an African-American — -or for that matter, any nonwhite person — be better qualified to speak to oppression than somebody who doesn’t experience it?

But this would mean that Handler doesn’t get any of the official ‘glory’ of being the enlightened white person. And this is the bottom line, and the reason why her behavior does not depart from historical white supremacy: because it doesn’t redistribute the money or the power, which is what has to move in order to create real changes. This would require true humility, and Handler, like most white people, doesn’t want that. She prefers the ‘glory’ of being the enlightened one, and whatever money she can make on the backs of others.

In order to create real changes, money and thus power must move from whites, as a group, to blacks and other non-white peoples. Anything else is just lip service and supports the current supremacist status quo. White liberals should start acknowledging this, or stop speaking about how interested they are in helping the POC when their actions convey dominance and hypocrisy.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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