But once again, this is an equivalence where there isn’t any. We haven’t had an Asian, Middle Eastern, Bolivian, Laotian, etc etc Supremacy: we’ve only had White Supremacy. There is no history of any other sort of global fascism, at least not in the documented history we have as humans thus far, c. 5–6K years depending on what one counts as ‘documentation.’ So, ANY equivalence is false.

All people participate in self-serving attribution: this happens at a personal level. That is, all people tend to credit themselves with positive outcomes and the outside world — other people — with negative ones. We tend to assume other people’s successes are due to their luck and ours due to intrinsic factors: talent, hard work, etc.

So, our individual perception can’t be entirely accurate. People with more success will tend to give themselves credit for it AND will tend to blame other peoples’ failures on those people: this is how white people as a group treated African Americans for centuries of ownership.

For white people to say that they did NOT earn what they have as individuals, they would have to overcome this very strong tendency to credit oneself where credit isn’t due, which is buffered by a white supremacy society which constantly supports the delusion of white superiority. Thus, this high-grade extensive extrinsic favoritisim is never acknowledged: there is constant coddling at every level.

Also, they would have to stop blaming POC’s for their failures, because the fact of white ‘success’ is connected to the failure of (often higher-performing) POC’s. So, white success depends on POC failure. This despicable fact has yet to be acknowledged in any sort of comprehensive moral fashion.

By the same token, POC’s will tend to state that our failures are due to extrinsic reasons — that is, white supremacy — and our successes due to an extra measure of hard work — that required to overcome the profound privileging and ‘plop into the lap’ that happens to white people when awards are distributed. Is this false? Does any other sort of supremacy exist? No. The POC has accurately perceived reality, because in the case of the POC the individual perception jibes with the social/collective one.

In the case of white people, there will be an internal conflict due to self-serving attribution. POC’s are deformed and damaged by white supremacy at a pragmatic level, while white people are privileged. Thus, a white perception that our current system does not privilege white people is distorted in a way in which POC perception is not: WHITE SUPREMACY IS THE ONLY OBJECTIVE RACIAL SUPREMACY THAT EXISTS. White people should be doing this work — tackling the inevitable inner conflict and resolving it — rather than allowing this responsibility to be carried by POC’s. It is the responsibility of the deluded to see things with clarity, not the clear-eyed to convince them while that heavy foot is on our necks.

Each separate group perceives his/her/their individual situation in self-serving terms: that which makes him/her/themself look better.

For example:

When a Chinese person achieves, is it because of Chinese supremacy? No. He achieved DESPITE white supremacy.

When an Iraqi person achieves (any not murdered by Bush), is it because of Middle Eastern supremacy? No. She achieved DESPITE white supremacy.

When a Nigerian achieves, is it because African supremacy did the work for him, and he’s just lying to himself? NO. He achieved DESPITE white supremacy.

When a Bolivian person is successful, is it because South American supremacy guarantees that Latinx people have lots of automated success?? No. She achieved DESPITE white supremacy.

When a British-American who has been in the US for 19 generations achieves, is it because of white supremacy? Very possibly. At the very least, it should be strongly considered.

At the collective level — at the level of human crowd behavior — there is only white supremacy. There is only automated privilege, on a group basis, to people with a European background and others who can ‘pass’ as European.

This situation creates a quality of life that all other POC lack: the ability to get things with minimal effort and performance, or none at all. Not that anybody should aim for this sort of subpar-mediocrity, but it gives white people a big break the rest of us don’t get (which might explain cancers found in younger ages in POC’s — the extra physical strain.)

If we look at human behavior at both an individual and at a collective level, we see the same behavior among most humans: a strong tendency to favor oneself, even if it is at the expense of somebody else. At a collective level, however, there is only white supremacy.

This fact alone should be enough to allow white people to reconsider that their individual perception is the one which is distorted. There is no collective, worldwide supremacy of any other kind, ever.

A lot of these problems we see — the profound mediocrity at higher levels, whether it be governmental, educational, or corporate — simply reflect a lack of ability to be honest about one’s mediocrity.

We wouldn’t see these arena dominated by white people if the distortion of self-serving attribution COUPLED with the backdrop of profound extrinsic advantaging did not happen. This dictates that each individual who is white should be asking at each juncture at which something is perceived as ‘earned:’ have I really ‘earned’ this, or is a POC doing a better job, likely because he/she/they is pushing against a massive force that elevates me automatically?

This would lead to Adele behavior: when she won her Grammy, she acknowledged it is because white people tend to give prizes to other white people, and that they should be doing better and considering others. How much better than white people do POC have to perform before we’re noticed?! Ten, fifty, a hundred times better?! Think of the deprivation to the world when the people with a real gift to give can’t do it effectively because the prize has gone to a barely competent coddled person.

Nicole Ochi has been discussing and writing about the particular onerous issue which you discuss, and she has repeatedly stated that ALL POC’s must come together in this matter. Yes, I’ve been watching this issue unfold for several years. I still pick my jaw up off the ground: centuries of privileging is a profound advantage collectively, and this exists even if the individual white person is employing high-grade self-deception and self-serving attribution to do it.

White supremacy is the only racial supremacy that exists. It must be considered along with any individual perception we may have, because as individuals we all credit ourselves with more than we deserve, and against a backdrop of only one type of (white) dominance, only one group of people is truly deluded.

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