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Backlash on Diversity & Inclusion: Chloe Valdary’s Racist ‘Anti-Racism’

A BIWOC’s Personal Narrative Experience in the IT World

1. African-Americans were ‘scolded.’

Both my friend and one of her African-American colleagues felt that Valdary’s approach uses white ‘signaling’ to protect white people as a group. That is, she seemed to promote the idea that ‘white people shouldn’t feel guilty’ rather than focusing on the lack of opportunity faced by BIPOCs due to white privilege. Valdary’s approach seemed to prioritize white comfort over reality. In addition, they felt that she promoted this idea of ‘forgiveness’ of white people, which the African-American colleague perceived as ‘scolding.’ This ‘forgiveness’ peddling is common in many settings and, in my opinion, is much more obvious than white people think: when white people speak about ‘forgiveness,’ they seem to be giving advice when instead, they should be addressing their own privilege and racism.

2. Equivocations

were promoted and even lauded rather than exposed. From our perspective as this group of BIPOCs, equivocations — making our UNDER-resourced realities the ‘same’ as white people’s OVER-resourced realities — are damaging. When white people ‘equivocate,’ they do so only by erasing our oppression. She felt that Valdary’s approach equivocates by recommending that BIPOCs ‘feel sorry’ for white supremacy: that is, cater to white comfort at the expenses of exposing our realities.

3. ACTIVE Denigration of Collective/Statistical Realities

Both women felt that Valdary’s approach ACTIVELY erased the group behavior of white people, which becomes more and more obvious at higher levels in the corporation which are dominated by white people. One of the core problems is the refusal of white people to see themselves as part of a group that subordinates others and to defer all experience to ‘individuality.’ The other is the choice to NOT see their sociopolitical advantage as a group, one of the main reasons white supremacy continues.

4. Use of Euphemisms

Note: Euphemisms indicate some degree of linguistic deception regardless of the setting; they are rhetorical weapons.

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5. Faux -‘Love’ and Pseudo-‘Enchantment’

These notions are laughable in their profound equivocation: Valdary assumes that ALL people receive ‘love’ and ‘enchantment’ from a white supremacist society when, in reality, only white people do. Valdary has practically stated that Palestinians should not exist, that they should leave their Indigenous land. She implies that she extends this highly-biased and discriminatory attitude to all ‘Arabs’ in a direct and virulent form of hatred.

Valdary’s ‘Dope’ Anti-Racism is Actually Racism, Re-Vomited

Directly from Valdary’s website, as reviewed by us as a group:

  1. ‘Individuals being unfairly singled-out, ostracized, and humiliated:’ My friend confirmed that Valdary seemed to ACTIVELY erase the fact that BIWOCS experience these constantly. It seemed as if Valdary thought that white people were being ‘singled-out.’



She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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Mia George

She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.