At this point in history, it is white liberals holding white supremacy together. They have created a context in which they appear to be nice to themselves and other white people (and a range of others), and because they aren’t facing their own massive investment in privilege as a group AND they have so much power as a group, nothing happens.

I find it interesting that white people, as a group, are most against reparations, even compared to nonblack peoples of color. In surveys, a higher percentage of Asians and Latinx peoples are in agreement for reparations to African-Americans than white people! This is despite the fact that most of us are immigrants or first-generation, are subjected to our own forms of discrimination, AND don’t have much accumulated wealth as a rule since we usually come here poor and only have what has been acquired over one generation. Yet, as groups, nonwhite people better understand the importance of institutionalized white supremacy and what it has done to African Americans for centuries than white people, who have benefited most and, as a group, have by far the most resources. They have more responsibility, more resources, and a longer history of oppressing others, yet they are LEAST likely, as a group, to agree to participate in reparations?! This tells me about the way group behavior functions to protect individuals while they deny this reality, as individuals. As a rule, white people don’t like to look at the overall group behavior because it shows them some very ugly things about themselves as a group. Instead, they’ll just be ‘nice’ individuals and perpetuate their advantage.

I think this is the heart of white supremacy. The reality is that wealthy white people who are liberals have a lot of stuff that can historically be attributed to black labor, therefore if they allow the truth to come out completely, they will be on the hook financially. I believe white liberal thought processes are only different from more overt racists on the basis of their expression, not their meaning. In other words, ultimately white people as a group want to keep their majority, and any amount of psychological finagling of ‘ignorance’ is allowed as long as they don’t have to give anything up (not every white person of course, since this qualifier always has to be written to remind white people that, yes, they are still the real individuals).

This is tiresome. ‘White ignorance’ will not be tolerated forever, and it is curious that they continue to engage when honesty would be better for the entire planet.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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