As a mixed, partly Middle Eastern person, I agree with your stance.

As Middle Easterners, we do not even get a separate ethnic category, never mind a racial one, despite intense derogation and stereotypy such as ‘terrorist’ which makes it abundantly clear that we are not viewed as equal.

I believe this is because the larger white population as a group receives the benefits of our derogation due to the highly penetrated nature of anti-Arabism in the US so doesn’t have to acknowledge it officially. This buttresses white supremacy: it renders our derogation invisible so that it is never addressed.

At the same time, we increase the numbers of white people on paper by keeping ME people ‘white’ at a time when a number of white people — and most certainly the Trump administration — are in a panic due to what they perceive as the ‘end of their race.’ Thus, efforts earlier this year in 2019 to lobby, once again, for a separate census category were readily quashed by the Trump admin. Because they already deprive ME peoples of basic equality and dignity, they don’t need to acknowledge it.

In summary, when it comes to ME peoples, we are derogated by the society as a whole, this is never acknowledged, and when we try to make this anything but completely invisible, we are used to superficially ‘increase’ the number of white people in the country through our erasure.

As a group, white people NEVER ask what it must feel like for the victim to be placed in the same category as her own oppressors. I find this a repugnant lack of human moral behavior of a kind which should be expected at baseline.

I have friends who are only ME — that is, not mixed as I am — and they fill in the ‘Asian’ box because there is no other accurate one; at least they can say that their native country is in the continent of Asia. NONE of them feel that the routine discrimination they face indicates whiteness, and all of them feel non-white regardless of whether they are otherwise Middle Eastern or Asian.

This disregard for non-white peoples through active ignorance is simply another way in which white supremacy sustains itself.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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