As a country, things may have gotten better with Obama and worsened with Trump; it doesn’t seem that there’s any question of this.

But the core problem is still white supremacy, which has been the operative political mechanism worldwide for half an era. Until this egregious fact is widely acknowledged — and its profoundly deleterious results to peoples of color (in particular black people, not just in the US but worldwide) mitigated, we will not see widespread improvement.

We must see changes at higher levels: leadership that switches from primarily white male and, to some extent in the more recent past, white female. We must see that the resources are not primarily and automatically gifted to whites regardless of evidence of actual contribution or lack thereof, as they have been for centuries.

Whether it be nicer housing in areas with better schools, admissions to higher level institutions (especially when clearly not earned, as is the case not only with Lori Loughlin but with approx 30% of Ivy League matriculants who don’t qualify but whose parents extort to get their under- or utterly nonperforming children in), significant changes in board memberships, CEO positions, etc, these positions need to be given to the people of color exhibiting higher performance, not continually gifted to rich white people who aren’t really earning what they continue to get for yet another generation.

Shooting black people for being black is part and parcel of maintaining power in the hands of people who have proven, for half an era, that as a group, they are unable to handle power in an even marginally moral fashion.

In order to change this, leadership must change to include actual leaders, not a bunch of people with so many silver spoons in so many orifices it is a wonder they can produce any language at all.

For example, why would Justin Trudeau and Ralph Northam consider continuing as leaders when they proved to the entire world, through black- and brownface, that they aren’t negotiating basic morality effectively, if at all? Because they refuse to admit, despite significant, publicized evidence of their grossly apparent immorality, that they aren’t behaving in a moral fashion. They are so immoral that they can’t even see this: they simply keep handing each other big fat breaks and letting each other off the hook.

It should be obvious that if their brains are incapable of negotiating basic morality — or, if they simply don’t want to lift a finger to bother understanding what morality means — they don’t belong in leadership positions and should be immediately removed. Yet, they continue to defend their indefensible positions.

None of this will change with the mini, electron-micrograph sized steps we’ve been taking as a society, because this extremely slow movement forward is simply an elaboration of the way underperforming, privileged white people hold on to power they should never have had in the first place. They are dragging their a**** because they know what a moral stance means for them: real competition, the inclusion of intrinsic value. The exposure of their actual lack of value, underneath that big package of white that does so much of the work for them.

This will change when all of us have the courage to give the money to the people who’ve already earned it, centuries ago (ie, African Americans) and the higher-level positions to those people of color who are earning them but watching as, once again, they stay in the laps of those incapable of leadership because their ‘qualifications’ are based primarily on a lack of melanin.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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