Another excellent essay that really gets to the core issues. White supremacy is predominantly a sociopolitical contract with global consequences. It is the first global crime of its kind, which is only one of the things that make it UNIQUE. The TransAtlantic Slave Trade is NOT the 'same as all other slavery'; it was GLOBAL and it REQUIRES ANTI-BLACKNESS. It requires anti-Blackness at its core to exist. POCs of all kinds--definitely nonBlack ones, which is my category--DO participate in white supremacy by attaching themselves to 'whiteness.' A perfect example of this is the Harper's 'Cancel Cancel Culture letter' in which a bunch of conservatives argue that increasing vocal representation of marginalized people victimizes the oppressor (???). This letter is jam-packed with POC's, especially young males, in addition to lots of officially white (European people).

Why is this so hard for people? White supremacy is an overarching, global sociopolitical variety of fascism meant to redistribute resources from a wide variety of POC's to Europeans, and in particular from Black people to Europeans. It worked through its disregard for basic morality. NOW, it's time to counteract that immorality with some facts and some moral actions.

Thanks for the reminder, Marley.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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