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The most cogent visual description of what we see as a society is a snapshot of the current candidates: the ones who have a true chance. Take a look at the stage now: 4 white people. Such a big deal was made of the diversity of the crowd of candidates, but deep down inside, at its core, America is racist. It really doesn’t want people of color at the top. We got our token in Obama, and to a lot of white people, we should be happy about that and just shut up.

Not just on the surface but deep down in its core, America is racist.

This is an elaboration of white liberal behavior at a societal (crowd/herd) level — the loud-mouthed assertion that the Democratic party is so open-minded; after all, look at all the candidates of color — -followed by actual behaviors that support white dominance. This may not be deliberate , but it is accurate: ultimately, the elimination of this many candidates of color indicates an insidious crowd psychology that, at least in the case of liberals, clearly illustrates a degree of self -deception.

A lot of work goes into self-deception, especially of the sort white liberals are currently engaged in courting with such enthusiasm.

Unless the internalized desire to maintain white supremacy is negotiated by white people, this situation will repeat itself UNTIL the majority shifts. White people act as if they are frightened of this shift, but perhaps if they showed — as a group — a GENUINE desire to eliminate white supremacy, this situation would not take place.

It happens because, at a crowd/group level, white (liberal) people are unable to admit their profound privileging. They can take a tip from white supremacists: at least be honest with yourselves.

Creating and supporting situations of power in which only whites are represented at higher levels is white supremacy, no matter how ‘liberal’ one perceives oneself.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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