Agreed. I'm not a fan of 'pitting.'

Here's a dilemma--a real one: you have two communities. One reflects a higher number of sick people, the other reflects a higher percentage of sick people.

Your budget indicates you can only provide for one.

Which will you choose?

Reality pits these against each other.

This is a real-life example of distribution of welfare in a major East Coast city.

Historically, the resources have gone to white people, and the people in the offices manage to divert sources (approvals of welfare forms which releases the money) by claiming that Black pp are overusing welfare. Working class Whites often claim that Black people are overusing the system through a complicated, centuries=-long process of claiming Black people are lazy. Many of the people sitting in these offices and approving these forms are White, and they justify NOT filling out Black forms through the onerous stereotype of Black 'laziness' and white 'hard work.'

Basically, that stereotype is used to shunt these resources towards poor white people utilizing that ugly stereotype about Black peoples.

That is a real-life distribution of resources issue.

Unless you think these 8 guys (75% white) who own 40% of the world's wealth are suddenly going to sprout a moral and redistribute, here's our dilemma:

There are fewer resources than there are poor people who need them.

Should we continue to distribute unfairly, due to onerous stereotypes about Black people which also, by the way, scrub white people clean by casting the 'lazy' people as Black, or should we tell the truth and redistribute?

Often, poor white people claim that they are hard-working and Black people are the ones on welfare. By far, white people use the highest amount of these resources, yet manage to avoid that reality by projecting it onto 'lazy' Black people.

Can you see how your note enforces this stereotype of lazy without acknowledging the vast shift of resources that this causes (to White people)?

There is less resource than people who need it unless incredibly rich people decide that their wealth is toxic to others and redistribute. None of them have shown any indication of the moral fiber it would take to do this.

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