Absolutely. Not fighting is a form of passive aggression: it is aggression coupled with deception. Hannah Arendt described the absence of effective action against evil as evil itself when she talked about the ‘banality of evil:’ that is, evil doesn’t require active effort, it is also encompassed by passivity in the face of evil.

This stance is the one typical of the white majority in this country: ‘ignorance.’ This self-styled ‘ignorance’ is an ACTIVE form of passive acceptance of evil (ie, white supremacy and the derogation of non-white people) and should no longer be used as an excuse for holding onto power.

White ‘ignorance’ is white supremacy’s banal evil, and in order to counteract it, a MAJORITY of white people must be willing to be honest about this. Unfortunately, only a minority of true anti-racists actually are honest with themselves.

The fact that we continue to use the term ‘white ignorance’ illustrates the degree to which we, as a society, are willing to allow passive acceptance of dominance, thus declining to admit that it is EVIL regardless, and a much more deceptive one at that. The term ‘white ignorance’ is possibly the cloak that coddles and protects the highest number of white people unwilling to do the real work of anti-racism.

White ‘ignorance’ = banal evil. Let’s stop calling this ‘ignorance,’ and call it willful banality.

This makes it obvious that racism is a problem, collectively, of white people and where the bulk of the effort eliminating it belongs.

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She/Her: Distort lies until they amplify truth. CryBaby: As loud as necessary.

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