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George ‘I’m a Heather’ Will Strikes Again

Once again, George Will has offered up a tired trope in the form of a ‘dog whistle’ in his recently published article, “Today’s anti-racism usually disguises itself as ‘diversity’” (The Washington Post, May 28, 2021; Will recycles the generations-long trope that ‘diversity’ (read: Black people) is the reason that Asians experience discrimination, especially in the context of education. Will’s highly narcissistic approach to discrimination and its actual sources (Whiteness) involves a mélange of defensive maneuvers including but not limited to projection, denial, and grandiosity. Much like a vindictive and underhanded ‘Heather’ in her prime as an adolescent, Will wastes…

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Tactical White Supremacy and the Harper’s Letter

The recent deceptively-titled Harper’s letter, A Letter on Justice and Open Debate ( ), embraces the sort of narrow-minded, strategic behavior it purports to criticize. Relying on vague references, sweeping generalizations, and conservative dog whistles, it only serves to infuriate with its mirror effect: its focus on hypocrisy. This letter calls for the cancelling of the alleged ‘cancel culture’ yet fails to acknowledge its own hypocrisy in its very declaration. Instead, it opts for ‘ignorance,’ the long-standing tack of signatories in a white supremacist society with which we are becoming more and more nauseatingly familiar. …

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Cancelling ‘Cancel-Culture’: ‘Traditional Liberalism’ and White Supremacy

In its Letter on Justice and Open Debate, Harper’s magazine proves itself, with finality, to be mired in John MacArthur’s narrow definition of traditional liberalism. Stubbornly adhering to these dictates without interrogating the (biased) history of liberalism reproduces the same errors, essentially resulting in a ‘color blind’ defense which supports the status quo. …

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Tactical White Supremacy, Attention as Resource, and Performative ‘Whiteness’

I have seen a lot of articles about the ‘Whitelash’ (Van Jones’ term) which has happened in the wake of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor murders, including one by Herbert Dyer on Medium. ( ) ‘Whitelash,’ or white backlash, is the countering response to any forward movement by the black community (and, in some cases, others of color) which helps to maintain the homeostasis of white privilege and protect the institutionalization of white supremacy from any threat that may challenge it.

My personal example, however, is not about a white person’s response; it’s about a mixed-race, nonblack male who…

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“A Few Bad Apples:” Verbal Maneuvering in the Interest of Supremacy Maintenance

Shouldn’t National Security Advisors care about NATIONAL SECURITY?

Several days ago, Robert O’Brien, the Trump administration’s national security advisor, rolled out a tired white supremacist excuse for our institutionalized system of white supremacy: these abusive (and in some cases murderous) police officers are ‘just a few bad apples.’

Here is a summary from a Washington Post article which I have highlighted:

“There are some bad apples in there. And there — there are some bad cops that are racist. And there are cops that are — maybe don’t have the right training. And there are some that are just bad cops. …

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I feel compelled to write this personal essay for a close friend who has recently been smacked with a somewhat subtle variant of white supremacy which relative to the horrendous injustices recently suffered by men like George Floyd, pales considerably. Because I believe white supremacy can only be addressed in a comprehensive manner when people of color — and in particular, African-Americans and Native-Americans/Indigenous peoples — have actual positions of power in our society, I believe each instance in which this opportunity is depleted should be exposed. …

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Someone Please Explain This Obsession

Recently, in our group of five women of color (WOC, Asian/Middle Eastern/African/African American/South American with some mixing) we stumbled upon a topic I personally ignored for a very long time: men of color and their apparent obsession with white women. I admit that, in my very large family which is mixed-race and ethnicity, I have noticed this for many years without thinking about it in detail.

Several months ago, the African-American member of our group read a book by Thomas Chatterton Williams called Self-Portrait in Black and White. She returned to our next group meeting feeling angry and betrayed, and…

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Ignorance and White Supremacy Maintenance in Publishing

The ignorant and frankly onerous attitudes of some white critics has risen to the surface in the wake of the backlash represented by the Trump administration, and it expresses itself in both the conservative and ‘liberal’ arena. White critics of literature embrace white writers who appropriate other cultures in their writing — and often do so in highly superficial ways which fail, often miserably, in conveying the authentic experiences of people of color. Though it is possible to write from another person’s (inclusive of identity) point of view, it is extremely difficult, a difficulty which is magnified when the social…

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‘Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz:’ Calling Out the Deformation of ‘Merit’

In the last several years, I’ve more seriously considered the benefits of self-care for people of color (POC) in a white supremacist world and have stumbled upon sage advice from several black women, including Marley K. on Medium.

Through research, I discovered Koritha Mitchell, an associate professor of English at Ohio State University and a black woman with the courage to speak truth to power in honest and straightforward ways. She recommends an approach to self-care for black women which I, as a non-black mixed POC, find extremely helpful.

Ms. Mitchell recommends that ‘Know Your Place’ aggression, which characterizes white…

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I was reading commentary on certain books on my Goodreads account and noticed that certain defensive reactions on the parts of white people are often employed to denigrate books which fall under the general category of critical race theory. Because these defensive reactions seemed repetitive among white people I assume don’t know each other, I started to write these down. …

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